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  • Thermal Printer Printheads

    If you've ever had to replace a thermal printhead, and you're a star wars fan, you probably think the printhead looks like R2-D2's inners.. Eventually, especially with often-used printers, the printheads will break down and require replacement. When that happens, you'll be glad there's a site where you can buy a replacement thermal print

    Posted Nov 12, 2013

  • SumUp Introduces Plug and Play POS Technology

    SumUp, the well known company that authorizes traders to take credit and debit card payments with their smartphones has now announced the introduction of the SumUP Point of Sale Box- an entire plug and play box that permits traders to set up a point of sale within a few minutes. SumUp has designed the Point of Sale Box with certain needs of little companies and business in mind like fashion bouti

    Posted Oct 19, 2013

  • Checklist for a New POS system

    Thinking its time for a new POS system? Restaurant owners are often unsure when it comes to the selection of a new system, and choosing the greatest, most suitable system for their business can often be quite difficult. With a few basic guidelines overlaying POS systems and their functions, you can get the best quality system w

    Posted Oct 19, 2013

  • Thermal Paper Considerations

    Thermal paper is available in a wide array of size and color combinations, but one of the most popular sizes is the 3 1/8 thermal roll. The size 3 1/8 refers to the width of the roll, and has nothing to do with the length. Thermal rolls are utilized in quite a few machine types and combinations such as credit card, point of sale, bar code terminals, and a variety of other uses.

    Posted Oct 18, 2013

  • Thermal Paper Printer Rolls

    Thermal paper printer rolls are available for a wide variety of applications which use a thermal printer head to create an image on the thermal paper through an application of heat. One key advantage of thermal printer rolls is that they do not require any additional ink or chemicals to form the printer image. All of the chemicals are applied to the thermal paper printer rolls which combine a s

    Posted Oct 18, 2013

  • Direct Thermal Printer Paper

    A thermal paper is a special type of paper that heat sensitive chemicals in it that make it change color when exposed to heat. A thermal paper is used in different machines like the thermal printer, cash registers, credit card terminals and adding machines.

    Any business strives to ensure that it maintains and attracts more customers. There are different strategies that businesses an

    Posted Oct 18, 2013

  • Cash Register Thermal Paper

    As the name implies, cash register thermal paper is used by cash register after its done calculating and recording the sales transaction. This machine can either be mechanic or electronic and has an attached drawer used to store cash. This machine prints a receipt for the customer from cash register thermal paper and is commonly used in supermarkets.

    Any business like a supermarket

    Posted Oct 18, 2013

  • Thermal Printer Paper

    Paper is necessity of our lives and cannot be said as an exaggeration. We use paper almost everywhere; whether it is tissue to clean off after the dinner, printer paper, pages to take notes, to write down our daily diary, or even to guide someone through our visiting card. All these and lot of other forms make them an important part of our life.

    If you use the thermal printer paper,

    Posted Oct 18, 2013

  • Thermal Credit Card Paper

    Thermal credit card paper is the output received when making a credit card purchase. A credit card is a small plastic card that is given to someone and is used as a system of payment. A credit card allows you to borrow money to pay a merchant and you will pay it back with interest. Credit cards are normally used with credit card machines. We have credit cards for different reasons such as taking

    Posted Oct 18, 2013

  • POS Thermal Paper

    POS Thermal Paper Rolls is one of the most common and inexpensive forms of paper used in a wide number of adding machines, credit card machines, POS systems, barcode printers, and other printing devices. Thermal paper earns its name from its chemical coating which reacts to heat – often turning black, red, or blue to print the image.

    The chemical reaction is driven through a com

    Posted Oct 18, 2013

  • POS Systems

    The acronym 'POS' stands for 'point of sale'. This is the location where a transaction occurs. A POS system manages the creation and printing of receipts and also the sales process.

    POS systems have made business easier by enabling efficient and faster records of sales. The sales records are now easily tracked and are well organized. POS systems are good for your business and essen

    Posted Oct 18, 2013

  • Credit Card Paper

    If you are in the market for credit card paper rolls, then make sure you understand what type of replacement rolls you need for your machine. The first step in understanding credit card paper rolls is to understand the type of printer you are using. There are basically three types of credit card printers: dot matrix, ink jet/laser, and thermal printers.

    Dot matrix and other impac

    Posted Oct 18, 2013

  • Credit Card Terminal Paper

    With technology, life has become easier. Everything is now done faster and more efficiently. Technology has given us many things to make business more efficient and one of them is the credit card machines that accept money and record purchases for goods and services. To make things easy for consumers to keep track of, these machines use credit card machine paper for reciepts.


    Posted Oct 18, 2013

  • Credit Card Paper Rolls

    Credit card rolls are used to create receipts when a credit or debit card is used as a form of payment. Just like the name suggests, the money contained in credit cards is usually on credit and it is to be paid back with interest. Credit card rolls are used with credit card machines to prove that a transaction has taken place. Credit card rolls are used to issue the receipt.


    Posted Oct 18, 2013

  • POS Receipt Paper

    There is more to business than just buying and selling. All businessmen strive to maintain their current customers while attracting more with the aim of keeping them. With research and a little observation, it has been noted that customers are attracted to a very neat and organized stall. This shows a sense of class. Customers have become very selective and businessmen have discovered that little

    Posted Oct 18, 2013

  • Thermal Printers For Business

    A thermal printer is a different type of printer in the market today. Just like all printers, a thermal printer does the printing job but in a different way. Thermal printers produce printed images by heating coated thermal papers when the papers pass over the printers’ print head. These printers use a special type of paper that is thermo chromic.

    There are different reasons why yo

    Posted Oct 18, 2013

  • ATM Paper

    ATMs are used worldwide in conjunction with ATM Paper. Every bank has an Automated Teller Machine where customers use it as an interface between them and their bank accounts. ATMs are very important for the bank and the customers too, and the ATM machine paper provides a record of the ATM usage.

    The most usual advantage of the ATM card is the fact that you can access your account fr

    Posted Oct 18, 2013

  • Thermal ATM Paper

    Thermal ATM paper is often used to print the transaction history of our bank accounts. These accounts store our money, and we often need to keep track of our transactions because it often involves our life savings. To help you keep track of your transactions from the amount transacted to the date and time of the transaction, you need an ATM receipt. An ATM (Automated Teller Machine) is a computeri

    Posted Oct 18, 2013

  • Okidata Printer Ribbons

    Okidata printer ribbons are manufactured by the Okidata Corporation. One advantage of genuine Okidata Printer Ribbon is that the ribbon loop is developed to minimize wear on the printhead contact points. The ink flow is metered to insure uniform, high quality output. The ribbon is engineered to prevent snags which can break the printhead pins in your printer.

    Okidata printer ribb

    Posted Oct 18, 2013

  • Thermal Paper History

    Before getting into the business, EasyPaperRolls.com did our research in order to offer you a concise background on Thermal Paper:

    Appleton Papers developed the first thermal paper rolls in 1965. The technology did not become truly marketable until Texas Instruments developed the Sil

    Posted Oct 18, 2013

  • ATM Machine Paper

    ATMs are used worldwide in conjunction with ATM Machine Paper. Every bank has an Automated Teller Machine where customers use it as an interface between them and their bank accounts. ATMs are very important for the bank and the customers too, and the ATM machine paper provides a record of the ATM usage.

    The most usual advantage of the ATM card is the fact that you can access your a

    Posted Oct 18, 2013

  • 2 ¼ Thermal Printers

    A 2 1/4 Thermal Printer is a device connected to a POS terminal which produces the soft copy into hard copy. It mainly produces text or graphics that are usually stored in the computer in electronic form in a tangible copy. There are 3 main types of printers. There is the dot matrix, the inkjet and the thermal printer.

    Printers use printer papers for their printing job. The printer

    Posted Oct 18, 2013

  • Starbucks Credit Card No Signature

    Why does Starbucks not require a signature on the receipt when I pay by credit card?  The easiest answer deals with the concept of chargebacks.   A chargeback is when a merchant receives notification from a credit card company claiming their customer is saying, "I did not mak

    Posted Oct 05, 2013

  • The Toilet Paper Roll Conundrum

    Now, for most people, the whole concept behind this article will prove to be folly, yet research has shown that around 50% of the people throughout the United States of America pay attention to the overall orientation of the toilet paper roll in their toilets. Similarly, research has also shown that around 20% of the people have flipped toilet paper roll

    Posted Oct 05, 2013

  • Square Stand Kicks Dirt in the Face of Old-school POS

    Most shops and supermarket owners have been seeking for a way to dispose of cash registers and use of credit cards, the later being expensive to use. However, in seeking for a way out of those, there must, first of all, be a more convenient and cheaper payment and record option.  The new devices that are plugged into smart phones and tablets seem to be the way out. The recent rapid trend in mobile

    Posted Oct 04, 2013

  • Stop! Take That Receipt Out of Your Mouth!

    If you're a parent with kids, you MIGHT have said this to your little ones at some point in their lives.  If it wasn't a BPA-infused cash register receipt, perhaps it was something else inappropriate they found interesting enough to chomp on.  Kids or not, it would be good for everyone to know that BPA, or bisphenol A, is a synthetic estr

    Posted Oct 04, 2013

  • Square Stand's Drastic Improvement On Legacy POS Devices

    Most shops and supermarket owners have been seeking for a way to do away with cash registers and use of credit cards, the later being expensive to use. But in seeking for a way out of those, there must first of all be a more convenient and cheaper payment and record options.  The new and cheaper devices that are plugged into smartphones and tablets seem to be the way out. The recent rapid trend in

    Posted Oct 02, 2013

  • Startup Company Takes Parking to a New Level

    Ballparc is a Nashville Startup Company that is presenting mobile products for more efficient parking management. Bullpen Ventures and ParkITVenture are two major investing companies that are helping to get this company to its feet. The company, led by Taylor Chapman, designs the software

    Posted Sep 30, 2013

  • How The "No Signature On Receipt" Threshold Positively Affects A Merchant?

    The Dream Of Every Merchant.

    Almost all restaurants and shops need its customer’s signature on receipts when payment is made with paypal but most times, I come to wonder how Starbucks go about it. I mean how they do without its customer’s signature on their receipts. Imagine how difficult it would be to sort receipt owned by customers of more than 9000 Starbuck co

    Posted Sep 26, 2013

  • Apple's Blues turn an iOS Green with Bamboo's PocketPOS P25-M

    Forget all you've heard about foreign government anger at Apple for failing to pay 'fair and adequate' corporate income tax!   Blue Bamboo has recently come out with a mobile receipt printer compatible with all of Apple's IOS devices including the iPhone, iPad and iTouch.  This new technology will allow users to now not only accept payments, but also print a receipt - all on the go!  

    Posted Sep 26, 2013

  • BPA Found in Thermal Receipts for Various Countries

    Recycling may not be all it’s cracked up to be when it involves thermal receipts.

    A recent study published in Environmental Science & Technology has revealed that thermal receipt

    Posted Sep 26, 2013

  • Why You Should Keep a Business Credit Card

    Purchasing for your business on your personal acco

    Posted Sep 26, 2013

  • Getting Paid With Your New Business Venture

    Navigate the tricky waters of third party payment processing.
    If you’ve decided to establish your very own business, congratulations! You probably realize you’ll work harder in your life than you ever have before, but you also likely realize that it will be worth the effort. It’s important when you are setting up your new business that you take the time to organize every aspect as much as pos

    Posted Sep 26, 2013

  • Latin American Start-Ups Benefit From New Mobile Payment Systems



  • TaxTaxiRadar To Be The New Taxi Meter?

    USA Motors and its affiliate USA Cabs are joining together and launching TaxiRadar™, the new way to E-hail a cab. Also combining resources with PayAnywhere, one of the nations leading credit card processing company, they have the means necessary to create a state-of-the-art E-hail system. The Company is proud to be the first to

    Posted Sep 16, 2013

  • ATMs-Most Recent Victims of Credit Card Fraud

    Think twice before visiting an ATM with your credit card when you need cash.

    People have been warned over the years about schemes to exploit credit card information. There are so many, and they continue to advance tec

    Posted Sep 16, 2013

  • The Way Smartphones Changed the Business World



  • Tabbedout The Vanguard Of The Mobile Payments Wave

    Tabbedout is one of the new mobile point-of-sale systems (POS), bringing you everything needed for your hospitality business all in one convenient app. Digital Dining POS integrated Tabbedout with their software in 2012, allowing customers the ability to open, view, and pay their bill at local venues with their smartphones.  The new Digital Dining POS system gives customers the ability to pay for

    Posted Aug 15, 2013

  • Choose the Best Payment System for Your Business Needs

    Not all businesses are the same, so there cannot be a one-size-fits-all payment solution.

    You might have the perfect idea for a new business, and maybe even you can literally feel the market demand. But taking this idea from concept into actuality requires deliberation and hard work, not to mention the right type of method of collecting money from customers. Very few businesses acc

    Posted Jul 25, 2013

  • Pinterest Could Be Your Newest Place for Prospects

    Respected business expert tells businesses to be where customers are, or where prospective customers are.
    The world of social media is brimming with possibilities. Websites crop up overnight, and many of them die out just as quickly. It’s safe to say at this point in the game that Pinterest is one of the social media sites that will be around for a while. It is unique in that its main thrus

    Posted Jul 25, 2013

  • Efforts Being Made By Appvion To Curb Duty Evasion

    An announcement was made today by Appvion Inc. announcing its gradually growing campaign to ensure that antidumping and countervailing duties on imports of lightweight thermal paper from china and Germany be fully enforced. The U.S. commerce departments in 2008 enforced duties on imports from those countries due to the filed trade remedy cases by Appvion which was then known as Appleton papers. Re

    Posted Jul 25, 2013

  • Emobile POS Technology From E-Nabler

    Run Your Shop From Anywhere On The Globe.

    EmobilePOS is a leader in mobile Point-of-sale service; it provides a complete mobile POS and inventory management solution which fits all functionality of a conventional POS system right in the palm of your hands. It gives you the liberty to process business sales transactions, track sal

    Posted Jul 25, 2013

  • Mr. Ellie Pooh's EcoFriendly Elephant Dung Paper Products

    Mr. Ellie Pooh LLC is a friendly company which specializes in the production of quality gifts and paper. These gifts and papers are made out of elephant dung!  It sounds awkward to but it’s true.  With the rate of human encroachment into elephant habitats and tree felling, the elephants are being killed at a rapid rate and this is done when the elephants come searching for their food. During this

    Posted Jul 25, 2013

  • Upgrading Las Vegas With Parkeon Urban Mobility System

    Every City Needs To Be Upgraded

    In the bid of upgrading its on-street parking system, the city of Las Vegas has contacted and requested Parkeon to produce a solution. Parkeon is one of the world’s leaders in urban mobility, parking and transit problem solutions. It was formed in the year 2003 by a leveraged buy-out of Schlumberge

    Posted Jul 24, 2013

  • The Breakthrough Of Cloud Based POS Systems

    Exposing The Lapses Of Hardware Based Systems

    The most important factors which could cause a merchant to switch from hardware to cloud based Point-of-sale system are cost and reliability. An experienced restaurateur, Mr. Steven Cook narrates his experience involving the cost and unreliability of conventional hardware based POS systems with the restaurant he

    Posted Jul 24, 2013

  • The Addition Of New Pharmaceutical Dispensing Machines To Clinics

    Tablet Dispensing Just Got Easier

    With the new pharmaceutical dispensing machine recently installed in the Westcliffe community clinic, automatic dispensation of tablets is now a dream come true. Before now, patients had to go as far as Pueblo just to get the doctors medications but with the new automated physician direct dispens

    Posted Jul 24, 2013

  • Intuilab's Touchscreen Kiosk - For Interactive Sales

    Great Technology Ideal For All Shops

    In those days, if a customer in a shop orders a certain item and it is out of stock, the request for it had to be done by the sales associate who would request for the order from the store house and inform the customer when the good arrives.  This process which is usually cumbersome resulted in a high amount loss of sales

    Posted Jul 24, 2013

  • Care for a cold water with that petrol?

    The new partnership agreed to by Verifone and Vendgogh creates a new Gas Station POS aligning thirst satisfaction with auto fuel.  How many options do you have when you're adding gas to your car?  However many you counted, add 1 to it, because you'll be seeing more of these cold drink vending machines hovering nearby when you're gassing up!  VeriFone Systems Inc. has just signed an in

    Posted Jul 23, 2013

  • Seven Leaders of Mobile Credit Card Readers

    If you run a small business and find it difficult to justify the expense, or you simply don't have the need for hard-wired credit card scanners, let us present you with seven great options!  If you have a smartphone with Internet access, you can take advantage of the many companies have created the software and hardware solutions that will literally put mobile credit card processing i

    Posted Jul 23, 2013

  • Smart Enough to Design Your Own POS System?

    Almost all retailers accept the fact that without a suitable POS (point of sale) system, running a fully functional and profitable business is next to impossible. Purchasing a ready-to-use system can have a wide range of prices, but price shouldn’t be the key focus when purchasing your company’s new POS system… compatibility is the key.

    POS retailers market with more o

    Posted Jul 23, 2013

  • Stalwarts will Embrace the Rise and Rise of Mobile Commerce

    Part of the digital revolution, mobile commerce or "m-commerce" is quickly rising to be the de facto form of payment  that many of us already use everyday.  If you've used your smart phone to pay for a cup of coffee, you know about mobile commerce convenience.  If you've bought an ebook for your Kindle from Amazon.com, or downloaded the Wired Magazine for your iPad from the Apple.com Store, you kn

    Posted Jul 15, 2013

  • The End of Paper or More to Come?

    Paper is useful in many ways, but it seems the white stuff is getting a bad rap as it's being labeled as anti-green as we move forward with the 'digital revolution'.  Although efforts have been made to educate the public on the downside of using paper such as with paper grocery bags, and public awareness has never been greater when it comes to recycling paper products, it's worth mentioning that o

    Posted Jul 10, 2013

  • Living on Bitcoin for a week: How it feels

    Bitcoin has become one of the most popular forms of internet currency in the world today. There are a number of different outlets and stores throughout the United States that have begun accepting Bitcoins, making it even more popular. So, I asked myself this: can you live on Bitcoins solely for a week? And ultimately, I took the challenge upon myself. Here are the results:

    On the first

    Posted Jul 10, 2013

  • Please ! Stop Using that Paper Receipt

    A recent poll was conducted online on the need to end the use of paper receipts , and the turnout of about 230 people reveals supported getting rid of paper receipts. In the survey, 202 people, representing about 89% of total votes casted voted in support of the notion, while 15 people voted against it- the remaining numbers were undecided.



  • Receipts- Still a popular requirement

    When the 21st century began, many people envisioned that by the year 2012, offices will only be making use of computers and digital technology in order to record transactions and daily processing. However, sitting in 2013, all you need to do is take a look around your office in order to get an idea about how important paper still is. The question is, how many times do you make use of th

    Posted Jul 10, 2013

  • Recycling Receipts, and BPA

    We tend to waste lots of paper every year just to create receipts for proof of purchase, even though these receipts might be necessary for some huge purchases but there is no need for them for smaller purchases. Electronic receipts usage must be encouraged in every way for retail businesses.
    The best way to ascertain the...


  • Seiko introduces new thermal printers

    At present, almost the whole world ticks on a digital scale. You wake up, you go to your office, and sit before the computer screen. The documents you use are cross referenced and uploaded on your computer on a daily basis, and while you are not on the computer screen, you are likely to be on your smart phone or on your laptop. As a result, communication has become excessively easy for most people

    Posted Jul 10, 2013

  • Should Paper Receipts be banned ?

    More than 9,500,000 trees are felled each year just to provide about 640,000 tons of paper receipts used by retailers, grocery stores and some other companies to keep records of consumer purchases. While electronic receipts are more ideal to the environment, the creation of paper receipts does more ...


  • What is the Fate of Paper in the Digital Age?

    Paper is very useful in so many ways and it seems the white stuff is finding it difficult to ensure the present digital revolution. Efforts have been made in the past through contents, drawings and several competitions to increase the awareness of the public on the creative ways of using papers.

    Almost every components

    Posted Jul 10, 2013

  • Why do retailers want your ZIP code?

    If you have gone shopping, you will know that retailers will ask you for all kinds of information before actually letting you make the purchase. More than ever, a lot of people don’t prefer going to retail stores, especially since they can get good quality service at their doorstep only by just placing orders via telephone or through the internet. However, going to a shopping store can be a lot of

    Posted Jul 10, 2013

  • Your paper receipts contain some BPA

    While some are purchasing BPA-free products, others are unknowingly taking paper receipts containing the harmful substances to their homes every day. BPA- Bisphenol. A, is a chemical substance found in substances used in the making of some home plastic containers, it is commonly used bec

    Posted Jul 10, 2013

  • Why Paper Receipts Will Never Die

    Paper receipts are one of the most commonly used transactional paper items in the world today. Millions of people across the globe receive paper receipts while making transactions, and even though the whole process has become completely automated (all transactions are now usually stored in computer systems), why is it that we still make use of paper receipts? There are a number of disadvantages of

    Posted Jul 10, 2013

  • Say What? BPA in my receipts? What's next, lead receipts?

    The best possible way of protecting yourself from exposure to toxic chemicals is to join in the environmental fight against the illegal dumping and leeching of dangerous chemicals from manufacturing processes.  It's also a good idea to start demanding BPA Free paper receipts!  It is becoming increasingly dif

    Posted Jul 09, 2013

  • Can Bitcoins fetch you more money?

    Bitcoin market is quite a huge market in the world today and prices could range from $120 to $266. Bitcoin is a digital company that was set up in 2009 by ...


  • Why 8.5” x 11”?

    For a lot of people who have no idea about the dimensions 8.5” x 11”, the title of this article might prove to be very confusing. However, if you are in to reading books, you will know that 8.5” x 11” is the standard paper dimensions that are used. You might have read thousands of ...


  • May I have your ZIP code please?

    If you have gone shopping in a brick-and-mortar store recently, you know that retailers will ask you for all kinds of information before actually letting you complete the purchase. More than ever, people are avoiding retail stores, especially since they can get quality service at their doorstep by pl

    Posted Jul 08, 2013

  • The Stand, Square’s New Product, Aims at the Old Cash Register

    Square will take a great step in trying to become the go-to-help for small businesses by launching its Square Stand which is simply a cash register that has software for sales analytics. The technology will go for around $299 and will be available in stores for you to purchase.
    Jack Dorsey, Twitter chairman, founded Square. Square changed the way a number of small vendors ran by permitting th

    Posted Jul 08, 2013

  • Android beware: Linea Pro 5 is a smooth Apple add-on

    Infinite Peripherals released their new Linea Pro 5 device on June 3, 2013, with Apple Lighting connector, enabling it to function with the Apple iPhone 5, and Apple’s latest IOS products including the iPod Touch 5. The Linea Pro 5 is a long way from the

    Posted Jul 02, 2013

  • First Data Maintains its lead in mobile with the 400

    The FD400 has continued to maintain a solid lead in the POS credit card terminal industry with the latest advancements in the FD400. The spotlight and focus from First Data is to give more consideration and devote larger assets to the credit card processing requirements of the mobile FD400, including the acceptance of Google payments. This might mean that retailers are required to replace First

    Posted Jun 12, 2013

  • Okidata spelled backwards is quality...

    Okidata Printer Ribbons provide you with the best means for maximizing and maintaining the high quality performance of your receipt printer. You invested in an Okidata Receipt Printer, and you shouldn’t consider a replacement ribbon unless it is a genuine Okidata Printer Ribbon made by the same folks that made your machine. Using the proper replacement ribbons will make sure that your machine func

    Posted Jun 07, 2013

  • Pay A Lot Get A Lot When You Buy a Verifone Printer

    One of the greatest companies that is still leading other credit card receipt printer manufacturers with their high-quality equipment is VeriFone. They have truly earned a solid name among their contemporaries, whether the VeriFone printers use thermal printing technologoes or the more legacy impact printing. Their models are both efficient and effective at printing quality receipts quickly, the

    Posted Jun 07, 2013

  • Triton Thermal Paper Takes the Heat

    If you have a business of your own, how do you plan to deal with the receipts of credit cards and the stuff on the Automatic teller machine (ATM)? Like every other business, you must be using the Triton thermal paper rolls. And if you’re not, then it is suggested that you should start using from today. “But why?” you may ask. Well, to get the answer, keep reading on…

    Thermal paper is a u

    Posted Jun 07, 2013

  • Withdraw Cash Globally from a Triton ATM

    Triton ATMs act as an interface between the customer and the customer's bank account, in order to carry out transactions. There are many companies that manufactures ATMs but Triton stands out, largely due to its quality printing and usage of Triton ATM Paper. Triton has established a solid name in business community due to its quality and the exceptional quality Triton ATM Paper.


    Posted Jun 07, 2013

  • Do not heat up the Triton ATM Thermal Paper

    If you have a business of your own, how do you plan to deal with the receipts of credit cards and the stuff on the Automatic teller machine (ATM)? Like every other business, you must be using the Triton thermal paper rolls. And if you’re not, then it is suggested that you should start using from today. “But why?” you may ask. Well, to get the answer, keep reading on… Thermal paper is a unique k

    Posted Jun 07, 2013

  • The ATM Machine is a Recipe for POS Success

    An automated teller machine (ATM) uses ATM Paper Rolls to print a customer’s record of the transaction. ATM’s are a computerized device that digitizes the transactions. The client has to deal with the machine directly instead of any cashier, or a human clerk. In most of the ATMs the client is identified via smart card that contains some security information embedded in the chip. The customer app

    Posted Jun 06, 2013

  • Octadecylphosphonic Acid is Thermal Paper

    Most businesses these days use thermal paper rolls for all of their credit card and receipt needs. This type of paper has become widely popular in recent years, and almost all of the businesses in the United States make use of thermal paper rolls. Thermal paper is used in conjunction with a thermal printer to give a clear, sharp picture every single time. It really proves that the business knows h

    Posted Jun 06, 2013

  • Thermal Thermal Everywhere

    As the owner of a successful business, you know plenty about the best methods of accepting payment from customers. As you are aware, credit cards are the easiest method of payment for both your customers and yourself. This is why you have at least one, if not multiple credit card terminals in your place of business. These credit card terminals, as well as most modern cash registers, use a sp

    Posted Jun 06, 2013

  • Smart and Sharp with your Cash Register

    A cash register is a mechanic or electronic device that is used to calculate and record transactions of sales made. If you have a Sharp Cash Register then you use Sharp cash register paper. It has an attached drawer used to store cash. This machine prints a receipt for the customer. The most common place to find this machine is in supermarkets.

    Cash registers are mainly used to pro

    Posted Jun 06, 2013

  • 2008 A Banner Year for BPA at the EPA

    In 2008, the Environmental Protection Agency ruled that a chemical compound known as Bisphenol A (or BPA more commonly) can harm the body’s natural ability to produce enzymes which facilitate certain developments in the nervous system. The exposure to BPA is most dangerous in pregnant mothers and young infants who are still developing their nervous system. Additional testing though has linked ex

    Posted May 20, 2013

  • RIP BPA Receipt Hoping for an Early Exit

    BPA, or Bisphenol A. is a chemical substance that has been used since 1957 in the beginning with the manufacture of plastics. It is also used in the manufacture of epoxy resins, and until recent years, was widely used in the creation of polycarbonate plastics. Polycarbonate plastics were often used in the creation of items such as plastic soda bottles and even baby bottles.

    BPA wa

    Posted May 20, 2013